Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear Woman At Costco

Dear Momma at Costco,
I didn't stop you today to tell you that your hair looked really cute but your stylish shirt was inside out. I thought it might make you feel worse. What could you do about your clothing mishap in the middle of Costco with your husband and three kids in tow anyway? I feel like you look. You're wearing the BUSY MOM label. You reminded me of my trip to Austin a little over a week ago when I stopped my moving car to discover the styrofoam cup of tea was still on my bumper. The container of Gerber puffs had taken a nose dive and was rolling across the intersection. I was too safe of a driver to get out of the car and run after it, or was it pride?. Needless to say, I was a little preoccupied with the screaming child in the car seat behind me. It is quite a distance to leap from one toddler to two and a family of three to four. I am learning that getting ready can be done in 10 minutes, you just might not look as put together; and clothing mishaps aren't devastating in the big scheme of things.

Dear Friends,
Please don't let me wander on like a did to the lady in Costco. Just pat me on the back and whisper in my ear if I do something really crazy or forgetful during these weeks of transition. I am a work in progress. Thankfully, God's not finished with me yet. All of your kind words, hugs, and acts of service have kept me afloat.


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